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ELTforum 2015: Call for speakers

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All of us here at ELTForum.sk are delighted to announce our Conference, which will take place in Bratislava, on June 5 and 6, 2015, at the Ekonomická univerzita v Bratislave. And here is where you come in: we want you to be part of it! Have you got an idea for a talk or workshop? Fill in the proposal form and join us on the two days of the conference. More details to be announced soon!

When you, dear Teacher, are asked to visualise education, what image springs to your mind? Is it a house being built brick by proverbial brick? Or perhaps a puzzle being diligently filled in one piece at a time? Or a painting, layered in careful brushstrokes, that gains clarity and form with patience and practice?

Whatever pedagogy is, it is not a solitary craft. The hands that lay the foundations or hold the paintbrush are animated by a certain drive to make change, be it in the mind of the student or in society as a whole. And here, Teacher, is where you come in:

What is your motivation for showing up in the classroom day after day? Is it to complete this picture you have been conjuring over time? Is it to improve your own teaching skills so that the student may benefit? Or is it as simple as wanting to transmit a topic you find fascinating? Please, tell us.

We at ELTForum.sk have posed you a number of questions which we hope will inspire you to share your stories on the topic of this year’s theme: Building Blocks of ELT: Teacher, Motivation and Growth. We are hoping to provide a place for English teachers and trainers to share their experiences and offer one another the chance to learn from and inspire one another to carry on our craft.

The Topics

We welcome speaker proposals related to the conference theme (‘Building Blocks of ELT: Teacher, Motivation and Growth’) as well as innovative, practical methodology in any of the following areas:

  • One (or more) of the 4 Skills: reading, writing, speaking, listening
  • Teaching grammar, vocabulary and/or pronunciation
  • Young Learners
  • Business English
  • Cultural Studies & Literature
  • CLIL
  • Exam Skills
  • Materials Writing
  • Testing and Assessment
  • ICT
  • Continuing Professional Development (incl. PLN)

How Long? Types of Proposals

Workshop (60 minutes)

A practical presentation which shows, rather than tells, an ELT technique that can be used later in the classroom or for personal professional growth. The speaker involves participants through hands-on activities.

Talk/Presentation (30 minutes)

An instructive talk given by (a) subject specialist(s). May include presentation of published (or unpublished) materials. Suitable for sponsored speakers.

The deadline for proposals is Sunday, 1st March 2015.

All proposals – non-sponsored and sponsored – will be read ‘blind’ (without the authors’ names) by each member of the ELTForum.sk programme committee and assessed on their professionalism, expertise, practicality, and usefulness to conference participants. How well they relate to the conference theme will also be considered.

All applicants will receive notification as to whether or not their proposal has been accepted by midnight on Sunday, 15 March 2015.

There is a fee for workshops and talks presented on behalf of a publisher or institution. For more information concerning the fee, contact speaker@eltforum.sk.


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